The winners of the 2014 – 15 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize Scholarship Program were selected by a jury of three: Adelina Vlas, Associate Curator, Contemporary Art (AGO), writer and curator Gabrielle Moser and 2014 Aimia | AGO Photography Prize Winner Lisa Oppenheim.

Said the jury of the winners’ work:

“We were very pleased with the outstanding overall quality of all of the nominated artists. Each of the three winners takes on the conventions of various photographic approaches: Alison Postmas’ masterfully executed compositions investigate the uncanny dimensions of domestic spaces; Lodoe Laura’s diverse body of work explores personal identity through performative gestures and a tactile engagement with the medium; Graham Weibe’s confrontational yet poetic snapshots reference documentary traditions and reveal a compassionate engagement with his subjects. We congratulate them all.”
- Gabrielle Moser, Lisa Oppenheim, Adelina Vlas

The winners are:

Lodoe Laura

Lodoe Laura, From my Father’s Home from the series Colonized / Colonizer, 2015, CPrint

Lodoe Laura, born in Ottawa, Canada in 1991, is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The School of Image Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. A person of mixed race, her work deals with themes of ancestry, legacy and tradition, which relate to the broader motif of identity. Her artistic practice is a response to personal realities, honoring and adapting existing practices and material. Lodoe Laura’s work questions the act of photography as a supplement for memory and permanency its use in the attempt of preserving the self. Her images have been exhibited and published internationally, and are held in private collections in Ottawa, Canada; London, UK; and in LA and NYC, USA. Lodoe Laura’s first photo book, Stateless, which attempts to tackle the notion of identity of the stateless Tibetans in Northern India, was recently acquired by the Ryerson University Archives and Special Collections.

(Ryserson University)

Alison Postma

Alison Postma, Untitled from the series Untitled (Alison), 2014, Inkjet Print

Alison Postma was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area and is currently working towards her undergraduate degree in Studio Art at the University of Guelph. Her work uses photographs and their cultural significance as a poetic tool to create images and experiences of intangible feelings, ideas, and non-spaces. Her artistic practice centres on ideas of dreams and the experiences of spaces, places, and people within them. Common themes that arise in her work are those of alienation, duality, and ideas of non-spaces. She makes use of non-traditional installations and surface manipulation to further her conceptual intent.

(University of Guelph)

Graham Wiebe

Graham Wiebe, Preteen Smoker (ADHD), 2014, Photograph

Graham Wiebe, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1994, is currently working on his B.F.A. (Hons) Degree at the University of Manitoba. His artistic practice challenges the idea of the snapshot and its ability to capture a moment of artistic seduction. His hometown of Winnipeg provides an endless curiosity of public and private instances of nostalgia. Heavily influenced by youth subcultures, his photographic work allows a combination of impulse and irony to entice a narrative.

(University of Manitoba)